The portrait has been playing a special role in the artistic work of Adam Adamczyk for several years. His interest in the portrayal of the human figure stems from a fascination that music and its effect on the movements of the human body (dance, theatre) hold for him, as well as a curiosity for the role of man and the human body during the activation of sound ( musicians). In his portraits he attempts to visualise the intensive Inner Form of this interaction. As a consequence he perceives human contact to be an essential part of his artistic work, and therefore visits concert halls, theatres and jazz clubs. This experience was further enriched by producing drawings for broadcasts of the Austrian television ORF and others projects: 1992 "EBU" jazz night in the Palais Ferstel in Vienna 1993 Barbara Dennerlein and Andy Sheppard concert in the Metropol. 1993 during the festival "Wien Modern" in the Konzerthaus in Vienna the artist meets the Polish composer Krzysztof Penderecki. This encounter leads to a fascinating set-up: the artist makes drawings of the composer, while the latter is conducting the orchestra during dress-rehearsal. The resulting sketches and drawings are a form of art in themselves, however, they also serve as an inspiration for the paintings of Adam Adamczyk. Here, they are being revived to a new life in oils or mixed oils/egg tempera, breathing the power of shape and the obviousness of colour.



  born in Elblag (Poland) 1957.
October 1981 leaves Poland for Vienna;
1992 graduation from the Wiener Kunstschule’s fine arts department,
his teacher is Fritz Martinz;
since 1993 works as an artist;
since 1996 exhibitions in Vienna, Graz, Salzburg, Prag, Munich, Frankfurt


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